Szymon Motyka

.NET Developer

Experience in following industries: IT, Petroleum, Enterprise Applications, Finance
Education: 2009 – 2013 Eng., degree in Software Engineering, Bielsko Biała, University of Technology, Poland
Language: English B2 – Upper intermediate
Polish – Native
Main Certificates & Training:   Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate
Open Source Projects: LifeLike – Portfolio in .NET Core 2.1 + Angular
RogueLike – Game in Unity3D  


Programming languages Experience (years) Last used
.NET 5 Current
.NET Core 2 Current
HTML 4 Current
JavaScript 4 Current
Frameworks Experience (years) Last used
Entity Framework (Core) 3 Current
ASP.NET MVC 4 Current
ASP.NET Core 2 Current
Akka.Net 0.5 Current
Xamarin.Forms 3 2018
Angular 1.5 Current
Android 2 2014
AngularJS 0.5 Current
Bootstrap 2 2015
Kendo UI 1 2015
jQuery 1 2015
Cloud Computing Experience (years) Last used
Azure Web App 2 Current
Azure VM 1 Current
Azure Dev Ops 2 Current
Azure Serverless 1 Current
Terraform 0.25 Current
Azure Storage Service 1 Current
Databases Experience (years) Last used
MS SQL 3 Current
SQL Lite 4 Current
Cosmos DB 1 Current
Oracle 1 2015
Redis 0.5 Current
ElasticSearch 0.5 Current
Version Control Experience (years) Last used
GIT 1 Current
Subversion (SVN) 5 2018
Development Environment / Tools Experience (years) Last used
Visual Studio 5 Current
Visual Studio Core 1 Current
Rider 1 Current   
TeamCity 3 2018
Docker / Docker Compose 1 Current
Axosoft OnTime 5 2018
JIRA 1 Current
Android Studio 2 2014
Azure DevOps 1 Current
Operating system Experience (years) Last used
Windows 10 Current
OS X 5 Current
Ubuntu 2 Current

Employment history

Project: PGS Software S.A.
Time period: 08.2019 – 10.2019
Role: .NET Developer
Tools & technologies used: .NET, AngularJS
Project description: Working on  inside CRM System to manage clients and employer  in backend and frontend layer.
Project: PGS Software S.A.
Time period: 06.2019 – 10.2019
Role: .NET Developer
Tools & technologies used: .NET Core, Akka.NET, GIT, SignalR
Project description: Mastered the usage of Akka.NET in a bootcamp on the basis of completed web and console project that uses Akka.NET features combined with web technologies.
Project: PGS Software S.A.
Time period: 03.2019 – 06.2019
Role: .NET Developer
Tools & technologies used: .NET Core, Angular, GIT,  Elastic Search, Redis, Azure Functions
Project description: Working on Cloud based tool for automotive industries that help selling cars. Implement features and fixed issues features for automotive service in .NET Core and Angular framework.
Project: PGS Software S.A.
Time period: 10.2018 – 01.2019
Role: .NET Developer
Responsibilities: Creating Data Mapping based on client’s feedback.
Tools & technologies used: .NET Core, VB, GIT, MS SQL
Project description: Data Migration tools for legacy banking. Worked to reverse engineer application code to discover source of data, collected data from all sources and stored it as output csv files in a specified format migrated to another system.  Also Created Trigger synchronization for processed data from another system to original service.  
Company: Metegrity
Time period: 08.2013 – 09.2018
Role: .NET Developer
Responsibilities: Frontend design and development for desktop, web and mobile websites, fixing defect, creating features, creating Rest API For Mobile Device, optimizing application, Creating Mobile and Tablet Application.
Tools & technologies used: HTML5, ASP.NET, Xamarin.Forms, CSS3, LESS, JS, jQuery, Rider, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Core, SVN, Axosoft (OnTime), Visual Studio Team Services, TeamCity, Android, Java, KendoUI, Entity Framework, SQLite, Azure Web Services
Project description: Mobile + Web App extensions for desktop application.
Company: Solution 4 Future
Time period: 12.2012 – 03.2013
Role: Android Developer
Responsibilities: Creating a Mobile App that uses GPS coordinates and synchronizing Data with Web API. Mobile App Architecture.
Tools & technologies used: Android SDK, SQLite, InteliJ (Android Studio), GIT
Project description: A Startup bespoke project that uses Server + Mobile Device.
Company: Freelancer
Time period: 05.2013 – 09.2018
Role: .NET Developer, Android Developer
Responsibilities: Architecture of applications, full stack mobile development.
Tools & technologies used: ASP.NET, Xamarin.Forms, CSS3, LESS, Rider, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Core, Visual Studio Team Services, Android, Java, Entity Framework, SQLite, OpenGL, Android Studio
Project description: Timer for Kitchen – Mobile Application for Kitchen that recognized numbers in commands and set up timer for this value. OCR for tables on cars that transfer gasoline and other liquids. LifeLike – Open Source Dynamic Portfolio CMS created in ASP.NET Core 2.1 that can be hosted on Docker or Clouds. Spin a Bottle – freelance game project for Android with OpenGL where gestures or gyroscope were using to move an item. RogueLike – A 2D Game that was created in Unity3d and it is available as open source on GitHub.

Certifications / Training

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate

Open Source Projects

  • LifeLike – A portfolio created in .NET Core 2.1 + Angular with Entity Framework Core. It is Dynamic CMS with creator for page and post + galleries for photographer.
  • RogueLike – Game created in Unity3D 2018.2 (Open Source) that I was creating for “Daj Się Poznac” competition that was organized by DevStyle site.


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